Kyolan Plan

5,500JPY+ tax(6,050JPY)

Lace Plan

5,500JPY+ tax(6,050JPY)

Togetsu Plan

7,500JPY+ tax(8,250JPY)

Select Plan

4,500JPY+ tax(4,950JPY)

Furisode Plan

12,000JPY+ tax(13,200JPY)

Men’s Plan

5,500JPY+ tax(6,050JPY)

Kids’ Plan

4,500JPY+ tax(4,950JPY)

Set Plan

2,880JPY+ tax(3,168JPY)

Student Plan

Choose a plan

Kyolan Plan(SD)

5,000JPY+ tax(5,500JPY)

Lace Plan(SD)

5,000JPY+ tax(5,500JPY)

Togetsu plan(SD)

7,000JPY+ tax(7,700JPY)

Set Plan(SD)

2,000JPY+ tax(2,200JPY)

Select Plan(SD)

4,000JPY+ tax(4,400JPY)

Men’s kimono(SD)

3,500JPY+ tax(3,850JPY)

Do you need hair do for lady(ladies)?

※ Other options can be decided on the day of your visit.

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